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The Sissy Super Hero Alphabet

A is for 'almost', the moment when the sissy superhero barely escapes from the doom designed by the evil villain.

B is for Bondage used by evil villains and villainesses to entrap the sissy superhero and subject them to deviant torments and cliffhanger perils .

C is for Cross Dressing, the sissy superhero's raison d'etre – to wear girl's tights and leotards and other dancer accessories.

D is for Deviant and Dominant . . . the core nature of evil villains and villainesses who seek to entrap, humiliate and torment the sissy superhero.

Dance is for Dance Wear – the clothing of the sissy superhero.

E is for Evil villains and villainesses – strange and deviant personalities whose delight and pleasure is to lure the sissy superhero in to entrapment and doom.  Evil villains and villainesses are often motivated by an evil theme (e.g. Dr. Nylon – panty hose and tights) which defines their philosophy and approach to tormenting the sissy super hero.

E is also for Effeminate, the nature which the sissy superhero aspires to through cross dressing in girl's dance wear. The sissy superhero aspires to be effeminate – as a representation of their goodness and virtue.  Effeminacy is also the sissy super hero's weakness – in costume they are too Effeminate or naïve to prevent the villain's bondage and entrapment, resulting in the sissy superhero's doom.

F is for fetish – the strange and secret obsession of the sissy superhero for tights and leotards.  

F is for fasten your utility belts and capes, the sissy superhero's trusted accessories which compliment their costumes.

G is for Goody Goody, the mindset of the cross dressing sissy superhero whose sole act of bravery is confronting dominant deviant evil doers while wearing girl's tights and leotards.

H is for Hot which the sissy superhero and their sidekick are for each other when dressed in tights and leotards.

I is for Innocent, which sissy superheroes truly are, dressed in skin tight effeminate attire, pursuing deviant evil doers and falling into their clutches.

J is for jete – a ballet step used by the sissy superhero to leap into their evil villain's lair

K is for kneel which the sissy superhero is forced to do when entrapped in the clutches of the dominant fiend .

L is for Leotard, the sissy superhero's skin tight and effeminate uniform of choice.

M is for 'mmmppph' – the sound of the gagged, and bound squirming sissy superhero as they struggle helplessly as a damsel in distress in the clutches of the evil villain and villainess.

N is for night – the time for the sissy super hero to don their costumes and venture forth in search of evil doers.

O is for 'oh', the sissy superhero's exclamation on the sensation of wearing new tights or fresh spandex leotard – 'oh' is also the whimpering cry when they are bound and helpless in the clutches of an evil villain.

P is for panties which sissy superheroes choose NOT wear under their tights and leotards but may be forced upon the bound hero as a form of humiliation and control.

P is also for Perils – the experience of sissy superheroes when they are bound and thrust into death traps and other cliff hanging situations by sinister sadistic fiends.

Q is for quicksand – just one of several perilous entrapments used to thrust the sissy superhero into a sinking doom.

R is for revenge which evil villains and villainesses continually seek against the sissy superhero after they narrowly escape a doom filled trap.

S is for sissy which the hero who dresses in girl's tights and leotards really is.  

S is also for Submissive which the cross dressing sissy superhero becomes once entrapped in the clutches of the dominant deviant villain or villainess.

T is for tights which clothe the sissy superhero's legs.  

T is also for trap which villains delight in luring the sissy superhero into and rendering them helpless.

U is for urges which are the sissy superhero's sissy sensual weakness and brings about their entrapment, downfall and doom

V is for Virtue, the sissy superhero's secret power and sissy lover sensuality.

W is for web cam which is used to expose the sissy superhero's secret so everyone can laugh at their sissiness.

X is for x-dressing which the sissy superhero performs when they don effeminate girls' skin tight dance wear.

Y is for the helpless yelping which the sissy superhero shrieks while helplessly entrapped in bondage. The yelping is stopped by the villains gagging of the hero's mouth.

Z is for the zero chance the sissy superhero will escape from the perilous bondage entrapment devised by the evil villain.
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Sheerstudd Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
B is also for bottom, as most sissy superheroes secretly favor this position. If they have a sissy sidekick, this only makes them both more prone to subconsciously seek out villains that can satisfy their needs.

J is also for jobber, as sissy superheroes are invariably weaker than more masculine superheroes. Their weaker-than-average super powers make them easy prey for villains.

P is also for pantyhose, which many sissy superheroes wear with their leotards.

W is also for weakness, as all sissy superheroes have at least one, or more usually several, weaknesses that can be used to strip them of their super powers and reduce them to weak little sissies in effeminate sheer costumes.
leotards Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
S is for sleeping gas the favorite weapon of sexy ballerinas and evil dancewear shop owners
ajokertrap Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
M is also for Mask, which conceals their superhero sissy secret identities.
shibfan1 Featured By Owner May 6, 2011
D is also or dungeon, where the superhero sissies are being held in bondage and tortured by the bad guys.

Love the alphabet.
leotardboy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011   Photographer
L is also for love. the love of feminine dancewear,and the love for your sissy sidekick who helps you get dressed :love:
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